about us

1904 Michigan Blvd W.Sacramento 95691

Phone # (916)372-3174

Assisted Living Sacramento - Our company was established in 2003

and has been responsible for providing

outstanding service ever since. Our specialty is Residential Care for Elderly. We are

license by State of California Department of Social Services Community Care

Licensing Division. Our RCFE License # 577001978. We are also license by City

of West Sacramento Business License #7725.

Our home is also providing Hospice care in private and comfortable setting.The goal of Hospice is to help residents to live their last days with quality and dignity. Interdisciplinary approach by hospice nurses
and our team is focused on managing pain and symptoms as much as possible, yet keep residents
alert enough to enjoy life, make important decisions and when time comes to die peacefully.

We are pleased to introduce to you some of our residents throughout the years.

Jack Black our first resident 2003
Lucille on HalloweenMargaret is going home

Eugenia - real angel